Teton River Distribution Project

The Teton River Distribution Project was created by 9th and 12th Judicial Districts Court for the 2017 irrigation season. Water users throughout the basin petitioned for the appointment of water commissioners in 2016. In its inaugural irrigation season, the project proved to be a success based on comments received from water users throughout the basin. Public meetings will be held in the October and November 2017 to address any and all issues that arise during the 2017 administrative effort.

This website is set up in a blog format. Chief Water Commissioner Peter Fritsch is authorized to post photos and comments on stream conditions, priority date cutoffs, etc. Water users may post questions to the blog that will be answered as quickly as possible. This website is an effort to create transparency and effective decision making on behalf of the Teton River Distribution Project.

Teton River Streamflow Quick Links
Upper Teton River USGS Realtime Gauge
Middle Teton River USGS Realtime Gauge
Lower Teton River USGS Realtime Gauge
Teton River Below Hwy 221 Realtime Gauge - Realtime
Teton River above Springhill Reach – Realtime

Deep Creek at Pishkun Bridge

Teton River at Buck Bridge

These last three gauges are updated manually by Aaron Fiaschetti on a weekly basis depending on his schedule.

Lower Spring Creek
Upper Spring Creek
Teton River below Hwy 287, above Deep Creek

Daily Average Streamflow Website